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Brief Curriculum Vitae


Orange Beach, Alabama
       Office e-mail link 


University of Alabama, Bachelor of Science in Psychology & History (BS), 1977
University of Tennessee, Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD), 1981
Cumberland School of Law, Juris Doctorate of Law (JD), 2001

Licensure and Certification

North Carolina Licensed Psychologist #2951 (2003 - present)
North Carolina Health Services Provider in Psychology (HSP-P) (2003 - present)
Alabama Licensed Psychologist #534 (1988 – 2004);  #1747 (2012 - present)
Florida Licensed Psychologist  #PY3429 (1984 – 1994);  #PY5405 (1996 - 2004)
Alabama Certified Forensic Examiner (CFE) #035 and #009 (1986 - 2004)
Hawaii Licensed Psychologist #PSY 1292 (2011 – present)

Professional Experience

June 2012 – February 2017
2820 7th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
Private Practice in Psychology

I provideclinical diagnostic evaluations to children and adolescents. I specialized in complex clinical cases that are difficult to diagnose and treat. My clinical services included cognitive and emotional psychological evaluations of children and adolescents principally with learning, cognitive, and pervasive developmental disorders.  This included psychoeducational evaluations with written reports with specific recommendations for use by parents and schools in meeting the learning needs of their children.

             I also provide criminal and civil trial-related consultations and direct evaluations with expert testimony for attorneys in state and federal courts on a wide variety of psycho-legal issues, including competency questions, insanity, risk of dangerousness, and psycholegal issues before the courts.  Services were also available for appellate court matters.

August 2011 – May 2014
University of Alabama, Department of Psychology
3rd Floor, Gordon Palmer Hall
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0001
Adjunct Faculty in Psychology

            Taught classes in Honors Introductory Psychology, Child Psychology & Psychopathology, and Seminars in Forensic Psychology and Popular Myths in Modern Psychology.

August 2011 – May 2013
Ball State University, Department of Special Education
Muncie, IN 47306-0005
Adjunct Faculty in Special Education 

            Teaching online classes via Blackboard in 'Introduction to Autism' and ‘Interventions with Autistic Children & Adolescents’ focusing upon evidence-based behavioral interventions.

July 2006 – June 2011
Eastern Psychiatric & Behavioral Specialists, PLLC
925 Conference Drive, Greenville, NC 27858

           Private Practice in Psychology -- This was a group practice consisting of several physicians, psychologists, and social workers. We provided clinical diagnostic and treatment services to children, adolescent, adults, and their families. We specialized in difficult to diagnose and treat patients. My area of clinical expertise was cognitive and emotional psychological evaluations of children and adolescents.  I also provided consultations and forensic evaluations for attorneys in state courts on a wide variety of psycho-legal issues in civil and criminal matters including child sexual abuse, battered woman syndrome, and questions of competency and insanity.     

August 2003 - May 2007
Department of Psychology, East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina
Assistant Professor of Psychology -- Taught Cognitive Psychology, Psychology & Law, Statistics, & Advanced Topics in Psychology

August 2002 – June 2003
Department of Psychology, Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia
Visiting Professor of Psychology -- Taught Statistics, Psychology & Law, & Advanced Topics Capstone Course

January 2002 - May 2002
Cumberland School of Law, Birmingham, Alabama
Adjunct Faculty in Law --  Mental Health Law

August 1998 – May 2001
Law School at the Cumberland School of Law
Full time student of law -- ABA accredited; Health Law emphasis; Dean's List

June, 1986 – July, 1998
Alabama Department of Mental Health & Mental Retardation, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
        Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility
        Certified Forensic Examiner, Chief of Psychology, & Statewide Chief of Forensic Training

        Bryce State Psychiatric Hospital
       Director of Psychological Assessment Services, Chief Forensic Examiner

August, 1989 – July, 1998
Department of Psychology and Department of Professional Studies
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Adjunct Faculty in Psychology -- Social Psychology, Advanced Topics, Abnormal

March, 1989 - July, 1992
St. Clair Prison
Alabama Department of Corrections, Springville, Alabama
Consulting Psychologist -- Consulting, Group Therapy, Risk Assessments

August, 1985 - June 1986
CareUnit Substance Abuse Hospital of Jacksonville, Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Hospital Staff Psychologist and Adult Program Manager -- Diagnostics, Interventions, Groups

February, 1984 - August, 1985
Lakeview Center, Inc., Pensacola, Florida
Residency Year in Psychology; Staff Psychologist -- Child & Family Clinical Services

May, 1983 - February, 1984
Santa Rosa County MHC, Milton, Florida
Staff Psychologist -- Child & Family Clinical Services, Consultant Public Schools

June, 1981 - May, 1983
Department of Psychology
Louisiana State University, Shreveport, Louisiana
Assistant Professor of Psychology -- Abnormal Psychology, Advanced Topics, Introductory, Adolescent, & Mental Retardation

August, 1977 - June, 1981
Department of Psychology
University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee
Doctoral Student in Psychology


Law School Courses Taught

Mental Health Law


Graduate and Undergraduate University Courses Taught

Introduction to Psychology; Honors Class
Child Psychology
Child Psychology Laboratory
Play Therapy
Psychology of Learning Disabilities
Social Psychology
Psychology of Mental Retardation
Applied Research Methods
Behavioral Observations and Interventions
Psychological Assessment: Intelligence, Personality, & Emotional Functioning
Seminar in Professional Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Abnormal Psychology (UG); Psychopathology (Grad)
Statistics: Undergraduate and Graduate Courses utilizing SPSS
Special Topics in Psychology and Law: Civil & Criminal Issues at the Interface
Cognitive Psychology & Human Learning -- Cognitive Neuroscience
Advanced General Psychology Topics -- Forensic Psychology, Psychology and Law, Psychology as Science
Seminar:  Clinical Psychology -- Science or Pseudoscience?
Symposium in Forensic Psychiatry: Medical Residents -- Forensic Practice Standards and Ethics, Relevant Case Law
Introduction to Autism; Interventions with Autistic Children & Adolescents
Seminars in Forensic Psychology and Myths in Modern Psychology


Workshops Taught 

Behavior Modification and Contingency Management
Screening and Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities
Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment
Behavioral Management in Residential Rehabilitation Training
Suicide Risk Assessment in an Inpatient Setting
JCAHO: Treatment Plans and Problem Identification
Personality Changes in Traumatic Brain Injury
DSM-III-R in Psychodiagnostics
Forensic Training:

Competency to Stand Trial
Competency to Waive Constitutional Rights (Miranda)
Insanity and Diminished Capacity
Expert Testimony and Expectations of the Court
Risk Assessment for Violent Behavior
Detection of Malingering
Avoiding Negligent Release in an Inpatient Setting


Articles, Papers, and Presentations

Dixon, J. W. (1981). A comparison of thirteen time sampling systems with a continuous real time measure. Dissertation Abstracts International, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dixon, J. W. (1982). Brain hemisphere specialization as a possible etiology in some math anxious students. Paper presented at the Louisiana Math Teacher’s Conference, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Dixon, J. W. (1993, February). Prediction of dangerousness and avoiding negligent release in an inpatient setting. Paper presented to special symposium of Alabama State Department MH/MR, University of Alabama Department of Psychology, and University of Alabama School of Law, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Dixon, J. W., and Rivenbark, W. H. (1993). Forensic Treatment in the United States: A Survey of Selected Forensic Hospitals. Treatment at Alabama’s Taylor Hardin Secure Medical Facility. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 16, 105-116.

Dixon, J. W. (1994, February). Clinical Assessment of Malingering and Deception. Paper presented at the Annual Training Symposium of Alabama’s Department of Mental Health (THSMF), Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Dixon, J. W. (1995, March). Bryce Hospital base rates on the MMPI-2. In J. Butcher (Chair), Recent Developments in the Use of the MMPI, MMPI-2, and MMPI-A. The 30th Annual MMPI International Symposium, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

Dixon, J. W. (2000, November). Prediction of Dangerousness and the Federal Bail Relief Act of 1984. Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the Juris Doctorate degree, Cumberland School of Law, Birmingham, Alabama.

Dixon, J. W. (2001, April). Impact of the Supreme Court's Trilogy on Conducting Insanity Evaluations. Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the Juris Doctorate degree, Cumberland School of Law, Birmingham, Alabama.

Dixon, J. W. (2002, March). Should Expert Opinion Testimony on Insanity be Admitted into Evidence Under the Federal Rules?  Implications for Practice under the Revised Rules of Evidence (2001) and Applicable U. S. Supreme Court Decisions.  Poster presentation at Division 41 of APA, Austin, Texas.

Dixon, J. W. and K. E. Dixon. Gender-Specific Clinical Syndromes and Their Admissibility Under the Federal Rules of Evidence.  27 Am. J. Trial Advocacy 25 (2003).     (PDF Gender Paper)

Dixon, J. W. and K. E. Dixon (2006). Attorney-Client Privilege versus Mandatory Reporting by Psychologists: Dilemma, Conflict, and Solution.  Jr. of Forensic Psychology Practice 69 (4), 69-78.   (PDF Reporting Paper)

Dixon, J. W. (2010).  In R. A. Spies et al. (Eds.), Review of the Fitness Interview Test – Revised. 53 Eighteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.

Dixon, J. W. (2010).  Review of instruments for assessing understanding & appreciation of Miranda Rights 60.  In R. A. Spies et al. (Eds.), Eighteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.

Dixon, J. W. (2014).  Review of the Barkley Deficits in Executive Functioning Scale – Children and Adolescents.  In J. F Carlson et al. (Eds.), 11 Nineteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.

Dixon, J. W. (2014).  Review of the Comprehensive Executive Function Inventory.  In J. F Carlson et al. (Eds.), 41 Nineteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook, Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.


Continuing Education

Neuropsychological Assessment of the School-Aged Child, 1982
International Conference on Learning Disabilities, 1982
Workshop on the K-ABC Scales, (Kaufman), 1982
Administrative Supervision, 1983
Cognitive Rehearsal and Implications for Therapy, 1984
Incest: Recognition and Treatment, 1984
Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery, (Purisch, 20 hours), 1984
Luria-Nebraska Battery, Advanced Training, (Purisch, 20 hours), 1984
National Conference on Cocaine Abuse, 1986
Forensic Examiner Training Program, Ala Dept Men Health/Men Retardation (Poythress, 1986)
Relaxation Therapy, (Rickerd) 1987
Assertiveness Training, 1987
Assessment and Treatment of Dual-Diagnosed (MI/MR) Patients, 1987
Forensic Applications of the MMPI, (Butcher), 1988
Schizophrenia: Frontiers of Diagnosis and Treatment, (UAB Medical School), 1989
MMPI-2, (Graham), 1989
Hospital and Prescription Privileges for Psychologists, (DeLeon),1991
Geriatric Treatment and Diagnosis, 1993
Kaufman Adult Intelligence Test (KAIT), (Kaufman-16 hours), 1993
Intelligent Testing with the WISC-III, (Kaufman), 1993
Certified Public Manager (CPM), Auburn University, (120 hours), 1993-94
Neuropsychological Assessment, (Lyman/UA-30 hour refresher), 1994
Advanced MMPI-2: Court Testimony, (Butcher), 1995
Advanced MMPI-2: Interpretation, (Ben-Porath), 1995
The Role of Personality Assessment in Neuropsychology, 1995
Domestic Violence, (Dutton), 1 CEU, 1996
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), 17 CEUs, 1996
Computer Assisted Cognitive Rehabilitation & Training, 14 CEUs, (Bracy), 1996
ADMH/MR Annual Forensic Examiner’s Certification Training, 1990 -1997
Personal Injury Evaluation: Practice & Case Law, 14 CEUs, (Greenberg), 1997*
Child Custody Evaluations, 14 CEUs, (Otto), 1997*
Assessment of Violent Juvenile Offenders, 7 CEUs, (Grisso), 1997*
Intermediate and Advanced Forensic Practice, 7 CEUs, (Meyer), 1997*
Preparing for Diplomate Exam in Forensic Psychology, 7 CEUs, (Lipsitt), 1997*
Assessment of Violence, 7 CEUs, (Meloy), 1997
The Psychopathic Personality, 7 CEUs, (Meloy), 1997
Advanced Topics in Risk Assessment I & II, 14 CEUs, (Heilbrun), 1998*
The Forensic Psychologist in Death Penalty Mitigation, 7 CEUs, (Goldstein), 1998*
Preparing for Diplomate Exam in Forensic Psychology, 7 CEUs, (Barrett), 1998*
Ethics: Gray Areas in Privacy and Confidentiality, 6 CEUs, (HTI), 2003
Interventions for Anxiety Disorders with Children & Adults, 10 CEUs, (HTI), 2003
Cognitive Behavior Therapy - Advanced, 7 CEUs (Beck), 2004
Civil Commitment in North Carolina - Pitt County Memorial Hospital, 2006
Administration and Interpretation of the K-ABC and K-TEA,  2006
Best Practices in Clinical Applications of Autism Research, 2009
Forensic Evaluation in Civil Lawsuits: Ethics & Procedures, 2009
Neuropsychological Evaluation with the NEPsy-II, 2009
Board Certification (ABPP) in Forensic Psychology, 7 CEUs (Goldstein), 2010*
Ethical Issues for the Forensic Psychologist, 7 CEUs (Bersoff), 2010*
Violence Risk and Sexual Violence Risk Assessment, 7 CEUs (Heilbrun), 2010*
Mental Health Case Law Update, 7 CEUs (Hall), 2010*
Personal Injury Evaluations: Tort Law & the Assessment of Damages & Causation, 7 CEUs (Foote), 2010*

*The American Academy of Forensic Psychology (ABPP)

Other Professional Activities

List owner and moderator of Forensic Neuropsychology (ForensicNP), an on-line forum hosted by The University of Alabama, devoted to discussions of issues at the interface of neuropsychology, psychology, and the law.  Membership exceeds 250+ psychologists and attorneys from the United States and several other nations.  Membership is by invitation only.

Test Reviewer for Buros Mental Measurements Yearbook

Research Proposal and Grant Reviewer for the National Science Foundation (NSF)

Articles reviewer for Behavioral Sciences and the Law


   Detailed Curriculum Vitae and References available upon request via email or snail mail


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