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Psychology and Law

Joe Wheeler Dixon PhD JD HSP-P
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Goals and Purpose Statement

        After 15 years of hospital based clinical practice and working in the courts as an expert witness, I became convinced that there was a need for professionals who are cross trained in psychology and the law. So, in 1998 I took early retirement and entered law school full time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying the law. Now, having completed law school, I plan to educate lawyers about mental health issues and to educate clinicians about the law. To this end, I taught law school and also taught at the university level. For many years I maintained a private practice in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Currently, I maintain a forensics-only practice in Orange Beach, Alabama. 

        I plan to continue to write about psycho-legal issues. For instance, my wife Kim, who is a clinical health psychologist, and I wrote a scholarly law journal article that was published in the American Journal of Trial Advocacy.  This article deals with gender specific mental disorders and their admissibility as evidence in the courts. I also have several additional papers in various stages of preparation, one of which is an article examining the role of clinicians in conducting insanity evaluations under the Federal Rules of Evidence. Another recently published article dealt with conflicting duties to report child abuse by clinicians and attorneys.